The Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Every Restaurant Owner Needs

Tanu Chaturvedi Tiwari11/11/2021

What is restaurant kitchen equipment?

Kitchen equipment is a term for appliances, tools, and other devices that are used in a restaurant to prepare food. In a restaurant, food is prepared at a kitchen station or cooking station. Different stations are used for different tasks such as cooking, prepping, or washing. The equipment used at each station depends on the type of food prepared.

What is restaurant kitchen equipment?

For a successful restaurant, kitchen equipment is of the utmost importance. Several different pieces of kitchen equipment are necessary to ensure that food is prepared on time and with the right amount of quality. In this article, we will talk about the most important pieces of kitchen equipment for a restaurant.
Restaurant kitchen equipment plays a critical role in the proper functioning of the restaurant. It impacts the quality of the food and the service that you offer to your customers. The right kitchen equipment enables your staff to prepare food quickly, which affects your service time. Commercial kitchen equipment also impacts the safety of your restaurant staff and customers and need to be maintained regularly. This article discusses the key factors to consider while purchasing the equipment for your restaurant kitchen.

Reliable commercial restaurant kitchen equipment

Commercial restaurant kitchen equipment can be expensive, but it does not have to be. As a restaurant owner, you know how essential your kitchen equipment is to your business. You will need commercial restaurant equipment that is durable, heavy-duty, and reliable. It is an investment in your kitchen; make sure you have the best equipment for the best price.
But how to conduct a kitchen equipment search? Search for commercial cooking equipment suppliers that offer Customer Service and free shipping for various equipment supplies. Many commercial cooking equipment suppliers have rights reserved for the equipment they provide. Choose a commercial kitchen equipment supplier that has transparent terms conditions for servicing and repairing equipment. Plus, you can shop commercial kitchen parts and accessories online from cooking equipment websites and even get free shipping for the items purchased. Modern commercial kitchens also utilize POS systems that are linked to Kitchen Display Systems for seamless connectivity between the front-of-the-house and back-office. POS systems can also help you in Inventory Management, customer management, and staff management.
But there is a lot of equipment out there, and it can be tough to figure out what you need. That's why we've put together this list of the most reliable, most frequently purchased commercial restaurant kitchen equipment, so you can find what you need and get back to running your restaurant!

  • Food Prep Equipment
  • Cooking Equipment
  • Commercial Refrigerators
  • Food Storage Equipment
  • Essential Smallware
  • Cleaning Essentials

Restaurant Cooking Equipment

Cooking equipment is crucial for any restaurant. When you design your menu, keep in mind the essential kitchen equipment required.

Below are some of the essential cooking equipment needed in a restaurant-

Commercial Ovens- Commercial ovens are most commonly found in a restaurant kitchen and are used for several food preparations. Retailers can choose from ovens such as convection ovens, combi ovens, pizza ovens, and conveyor ovens.
Commercial Deep Fryers- Commercial deep fryers are essential for preparing fried foods such as french fries, among many.
Commercial Ranges- Commercial kitchen owners can choose gas/electric gas ranges, depending upon their choice and kitchen requirements.
Grills- Commercial kitchens require charbroilers, panini grills, and gas and charcoal grills to cook vegetables, steaks, etc.
Commercial Griddles- You can prepare grilled sandwiches, pancakes, and steaks with flat-top griddles in a restaurant kitchen.
Food Warming/Holding Equipment- You can keep your food at a specific temperature with a holding cabinet, making it ideal for storing food before being served. Commercial hot plates are used by caterers and in restaurants dining rooms for food buffets to keep food warm for a longer time.
Commercial Toaster- Restaurants that serve breakfast require commercial toasters and conveyor toasters for bread and sandwiches.
Brewers- Coffee brewers are a piece of essential equipment for restaurants as coffee is one of the most popular beverages even if you do not operate a cafe.
Commercial Microwave- You need a commercial microwave to reheat food items or defrost frozen foods.

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Refrigeration Equipment

A wide variety of refrigeration equipment is available for commercial kitchens to suit your business needs.

Below are some of the types of refrigeration equipment-

Commercial Refrigerators- The most common commercial refrigerators are reach-in fridges, walk-in coolers, or prep fridges. Typically, a commercial kitchen requires a combination of different refrigerators to store kitchen supplies and bar supplies.
Freezer- Your restaurant needs commercial freezers to store your meats and frozen foods. Commercial freezers are available in a variety of sizes and capacities to fit your business type.
Commercial Ice Machine- Restaurants, cafes, bars, ice cream makers, etc., need ice machines to serve cold beverages and ice creams.
Beverage Equipment- Commercial kitchens in fast food outlets and wait stations have self-service beverage dispensers that can dispense a variety of soft drinks.
Refrigerated Display Cases- Several display cases are available to store bakeries, deli, seafood, and salads.

Food Storage Equipment

Commercial restaurants require food storage equipment to store a variety of ingredients and other food items. Different restaurants need different restaurant supplies. Make sure your kitchen has the right kitchen equipment to function smoothly.

Below is some food storage equipment for commercial kitchens-

Storage racks and shelves- Racks and shelves add the much-required storage space in your walk-in cooler or freezer that allows you to store different food items. There are a variety of customizable shelves and racks available to suit your equipment need.
Bussing and Utility Carts- Bussing and utility carts are necessary for commercial kitchens for storage/transport heavy equipment and high volume of restaurant supply in the back-of-the-house and bussing tables and chairs in the front-of-the-house
Food Storage Containers- Commercial restaurant kitchens need multi-purpose food storage containers to store kitchen supplies, ingredients, dry items, sauces, and other food items. You can color-code these food storage containers for easy identification and organization of different food products.

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Food Prep Equipment

Food prep equipment is one of the essential pieces of Restaurant Equipment to prepare food items in a full-size commercial kitchen. Different restaurants require specific food prep equipment depending on their business requirements. Make sure that your restaurant has all the necessary kitchen equipment.

Here is a list of some of the food prep equipment-

Commercial Food Processors- Commercial food processors allow restaurant owners to blend sauces, chop vegetables, mix ingredients, etc., in a matter of time. Stainless steel food processors are long-lasting and can mix large amounts of ingredients. Food processors with different speeds and capacities are available in the market to suit your business type.
Commercial Steamers- You can cook healthy food quickly with steam cookers. Commercial steamers are used for steam cooking rice, pasta, vegetables, and much more. Several steamers are available in the market, ranging from small counter-top steamers to large floor steamers.
Commercial Prep Tables- Prep tables are commercial work tables used for prepping and assembling food items.
Commercial Steam Tables- Steam tables are used to hold food items before serving. Steam tables are used at self-service buffets to keep food items such as rice, vegetables, and soups hot ready to be served.
Commercial Mixers and Grinders- Mixers are used to mix various food ingredients in a restaurant, while commercial grinders are used to grind large amounts of ingredients and spices.
Blenders- Commercial blenders are commonly found in bars, cafes, and coffee shops. Blenders are used to combine drinks and make smoothies.

Essential Smallware

Smallware is a variety of kitchenware and tools for the preparation of dishes in a commercial kitchen.

Below are some of the essential smallware for your restaurant-

Cutting Boards- Cutting boards are an essential part of any kitchen. You can have different cutting boards for a variety of food ingredients.
Mixing Bowls- Commercial kitchens need a host of mixing bowls to mix different food items. Make sure you have many mixing bowls in your restaurant kitchen.
Pans and pots- There are many different kinds of pans and pots, such as pasta cookers, rice cookers, and sauce pots, available in various sizes and shapes to cook different types of food items.
Commercial Kitchen knives and Spoons- Commercial kitchens require various knives and spoons to prepare different dishes.
Tongs- Commercial tongs are multi-purpose kitchen tools used for plating, prepping, and serving food in a restaurant dining room.

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Cleaning Essentials

Food safety is of utmost importance in a restaurant kitchen. It is necessary to maintain cleanliness in the food service industry. Make sure that your kitchen has all the essential cleaning equipment and supplies. Clean kitchenware will improve customer satisfaction as a result.
Different kitchens have different cleaning requirements, depending on the equipment and appliance used in the kitchen.
Below are some of the cleaning essentials required in every commercial kitchen-

3 Compartment sinks- 3 Compartment sinks are necessary for washing, rinsing, and sanitizing your tools and utensils. 3 Compartment sink method is a reliable method of eliminating germs and foodborne diseases.
Trash cans and recycling bins- You need to dispose of trash in proper trash cans and recycle bins. Make sure that you place your trashcans in the restaurant kitchens and dining rooms strategically.
Microfiber cleaning cloths- You will need microfiber cleaning cloths for cleaning tables, glassware, kitchenware, and much more.
Cleaning chemicals and sanitizers- Commercial kitchens need cleaning chemicals and sanitizers to ensure that the floors and surfaces are clean and disinfected. Make sure you have separate containers for mixing cleaning chemicals. You can color-code these containers to ensure food safety across the restaurant.
Restroom supplies- Make sure that you have enough restroom supplies like hand soaps, paper towels, toilet paper, etc.