Self-Service Kiosk

Put Your Guests in Control

Convenient and contactless, guests can order and pay on their own, leading to faster service and happier customers. Say goodbye to lines and long wait times with the Plum Kiosk.

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Maximize Space, Minimize Hassle: The Plum Kiosk Solution

Shorter Lines, More Time Shopping

Save time at checkout with our self-service kiosks. Staff can focus on helping you find what you need, leading to a smoother shopping experience.

Sleek & Space-Saving

This compact POS system fits comfortably anywhere, freeing up valuable counter space. Seamless integration ensures a clutter-free checkout experience.

Skip the Lines, Get Served Faster

Faster Checkouts

Our self-service kiosks minimize your wait times and getting you back to your shopping adventure faster.

Improved Service

Allow our staff to focus on providing exceptional service and assistance throughout the store

Empowering Guests

Self-service kiosks give you the freedom to control your checkout.

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Streamline Operations & Enhance Guest Experience

Start increasing your sales and profits now

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