8 Great Uses for QR Scanners in the Restaurant Industry

Arpita Chanda9/29/2021

What is QR Scanner ?

Quick response codes or QR codes speed up information sharing. The QR code works the same way as a barcode and is especially helpful for the restaurant industry. Customers can scan the code to view the menu or place orders. These codes can also contain any promotional content like discount coupons or special offers. QR code scanner apps were previously required to scan a QR code. With technological advancements, present-day smartphones cameras can scan QR codes without any additional apps. Apart from the hospitality industry, QR codes have proven helpful in coronavirus tracking, product packaging, manufacturing industry, postal services, education, and many more.

How do QR Scanners work and what are their best uses?

The quick response code or QR code is a digitally scannable barcode encoding kanji, kana, and alphanumeric characters. These pixelated icons contain various data and link to websites, applications, and more. Qr scanner is inexpensive and, it accelerates customer engagement or information sharing.

Invented by a Japanese company named Denso Wave in 1994, QR codes have become an essential part of the digital revolution. Every industry and billions of people all over the world use it. The popularity of QR codes is rising, as customers do not require a separate camera app or QR Card Reader to scan them. Cameras of both Android and iPhones have an inbuilt code scanning feature.

There are two code types, namely static QR codes, and dynamic QR codes. The static codes are one-time purpose QR codes with limited data storage. These codes can not be modified later. However, businesses can link email addresses, texts, URLs, WiFi passwords, and social media. Information stored in dynamic code is changeable even after being printed.

These codes help in real-time monitoring and location scanning. For static codes, businesses can use the free QR code generator to create a link. However, dynamic QR code generator services have rights reserved and require paid subscriptions. They allow users to track and edit the code as per terms of use and business necessities.

The concept behind QR codes was to create a scannable image that would lead to something more meaningful. While a web search or downloading an app from the app store would do the job, the QR codes simplify the process. Uncomplicating the process increases customer engagement and drives sales. It facilitates the inclusion of QR codes on business cards, banners, leaflets, posters, restaurant menus, and so forth. Using the QR scanner inbuilt in the smartphone camera, customers can readily scan and reach the intended destination.

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Direct customers to a landing page/website

Around 48.16% of the world's population uses a smartphone. Businesses must make sure to optimize their landing pages and websites to capture this audience. A mobile-friendly landing page would ensure a seamless user experience and prevent bounce back. Fast loading website pages leave a positive impact on online business and help to attract more customers. Restaurants place this QR Code at tables, windows, delivery vehicles, and food packaging.

Custom code QR landing page directs the audience's attention to the website's unique content. Businesses can generate web pages using the software tools available online. Restaurants can use the them landing page to direct the customers to online menus, catalogs, and more. To improve customer experience post-pandemic, the popular food chain Taco Bell has implemented order and pay by QR code scanning. The entire process is smooth and requires minimal interaction between the staff and the customer.

Using QR codes for the restaurant menu makes the restaurant digital-friendly and saves cost by going paperless. Brands can also create one to match their theme. With dynamic QR codes, content can be easily edited and customized. The integrated tracking and reporting feature of the QR code helps the business understand when, where, and what devices scan the code. However, keeping in line with the privacy policy, the codes themselves do not collect any personally identifiable information. Businesses can use the data for marketing purposes and run campaigns to raise brand awareness.

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Dial your business number

QR codes can reduce the time spent dialing a business number. Making it easier to call and order would increase the response rate. While phone qr codes are usually static codes, restaurants can customize them as per their brand theme, color, or logo. Due to their small size and much larger information storage, these codes are easily sharable via print and digital media. Customers would not require any code reader as the smartphone camera can read the code. The high-speed scanability feature is what makes the whole experience of qr codes user-friendly.

Restaurants can include the phone qr code in their advertisements. Adding a callout action to this would prompt customers to scan and call them directly. This helps to optimize and improve the conversion rate. Placing promotional materials with a CTA pushes interested people to contact the restaurant and know more.

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Send a message

Businesses can use a qr code for sending an SMS as a part of their marketing strategy. They can grow the subscriber list and simultaneously provide valuable information to the subscriber. Earlier customers could sign up for a service by texting a provided code to a number. However, scanning qr code is faster and simpler. The automated sign-up process with a pre-populated opt-in message makes it easier for the customer to follow. SMS qr codes can also be used to provide customer support, explain policy terms, collecting contact information, making reservations, and many more.

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Send an email

With businesses opting for more online operations, tiresome email inputs have become a necessity. Using qr code reader can make it easier for customers to save email addresses. The qr code enters the email address automatically for sending an email. Using dynamic code here provides analytics reporting useful for marketing purposes.

Businesses can also incorporate a CTA into qr codes and send them to subscribers or customers via email. Recipients can scan the code and send the response instead of typing it, thereby saving time. Restaurants can also send special discount coupon embedded code qr to customers. The restaurant can scan the code and, customers can get a discount.

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Download apps

Qr codes are a great way to redirect customers to download the restaurant's app. As customers open cameras in their smartphones to scan QR codes, placing the app download promotion before them would fulfill the purpose. The codes bring the customers directly to the app page to initiate downloading eliminating the lengthy app search. Restaurants would require a QR code generator with an app store code solution for app downloading purposes. Creative codes used by businesses in their marketing efforts have yielded stunning results. Using the codes for mobile device-focused marketing strategy can also increase customer engagement.

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View business location

Restaurants can create Google Maps or apple maps qr codes to make navigation easier for the customers. Food chains can use this qr code in their emails, newsletters, posters, banners, and more to make customers aware of the store's location. Customers can scan the code and land on the Google or Apple Map page. From there they can follow the direction and reach the store. With this, restaurants can add more information like coupon code, call button, or other CTA.

Location qr codes are an efficient way to make navigation easier and increase footfalls. Businesses require resources for advertising their new store location. However, these ads can not guide the customer to the doorstep. With a Google or Apple Map qr code, restaurants can drive traffic to the store with minimal effort. For food chains, qr codes can direct customers to the right store for getting location-specific offers and promotions.

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Direct customers to social media pages

Using social media can boost sales and help to go ahead of the competition. However, various social media platforms make it difficult for businesses to ask customers to like or follow their pages. Consumers expect efficiency and simplicity. They often ignore things that are time-consuming with little return value. QR codes are an effortless way to capture the customer's attention and prompt them to take action.

Social media QR codes can simplify this whole process. After scanning the code, customers would land on a page containing the links to all the social media profiles. Restaurants can also customize QR codes specific to social media action. For instance, it can lead directly to the check-in button for sharing on Facebook. This would save customers time and generate a positive experience. Using the QR code for giveaways and competitions businesses can prompt user action. Along with implementing them for social media, businesses must remember to maintain an optimized landing page. The page must be up to date and contain engaging content to create a good impression.

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Shopping and E-commerce

The restaurant industry has faced the major brunt of the pandemic. As social distancing is a necessity, switching to minimal contact food serving was the need of the hour. Restaurants see QR code as a solution. Using the code, customers can read the menu on their phones. They can also place an order and opt for a contactless mode of payment.

As customers are concerned more about cleanliness and safety, adopting a contactless service shows the restaurant's dedication to protecting customers and employees. The simple method of QR based web ordering system can transform the traditional restaurant into a tech-savvy, contemporary one.

In addition to the benefit of a mobile ordering system, restaurants can Skip Content that is unimportant and learn about popular meals, peak times, sales, and more. QR code can help generate real-time reports at any time from any location. As customers today want more product information, QR codes containing the product details are a convenience.

Another great use of QR codes that restaurants can enjoy is inventory management. Rather than a barcode scanner, a QR scanner would serve better as restaurants can edit the content and keep updating the information regularly.

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