How a Restaurant App Can Transform Your Business For Better

Lauren Christiansen9/30/2021

What is a Restaurant App ?

If you're someone who eats out a lot, you've probably heard of a restaurant app. But what is a restaurant app? And how does it work? Restaurant apps, like the popular Grub hub and Seamless, allow customers to order and pay for food and other items on their smartphones and tablets, with the orders then being delivered to their door.

What is a Restaurant App?

A restaurant app is a mobile app for iOS and Android that allows customers to order food from a restaurant for pickup or delivery. It's similar to food ordering apps like Grub Hub but is specifically designed for the restaurant. Customers may use apps to easily find items and review pricing without having to pick up the phone.

Restaurant apps are not just for digital ordering, though this is their primary purpose. They also provide information on loyalty programs, promotions, social media, specials of the day, and more. Customers prefer the personalized experience and restaurants have an alternative way to showcase their brands.

Large chains tend to be the ones who offer apps because they have the money and customers to do so. Small diners don't typically invest in restaurant apps as they are costly and require technical skills. However, knowing how Free Pos Software and apps work and why they are so successful among chains can help small diner owners make informed choices.

Why is a Restaurant App Important?

There are many reasons why restaurants invest in apps. In-app ordering optimizes the customer experience. It makes it much more personable and patrons have the flexibility to find what they want when they want it. Because apps are highly customizable and easy to update, consumers prefer the unique experience of navigating the interface.

Restaurant apps also handle loyalty programs, offer specials, and provide personal data to customers. Studies show that offering loyalty programs increase customer spend significantly. It also maximizes customer engagement. The more time customers spend on the app, the better off the restaurant is.

Restaurant owners can also use data and analytics through the mobile app to learn more about customers. They can then offer customized specials or optimize the menu to meet demand. This is a great way to boost your mobile marketing and discover greater insights on preferences. In optimizing the menu and getting rid of bottlenecks, restaurant owners can dramatically increase profits.

Finally, this day and age calls for more digital experiences. If you don't' offer a restaurant app but the competition does, how do you think that makes you look? Patrons will think you're behind the times. Customers want the easiest, fastest way to find what they need. In the era of mobile phones and online ordering, an app is a must. Read ahead for some other top benefits of restaurant apps.

1. Location-Based Deals

Location-based deals may be overlooked by a lot of restaurant owners, but the benefits are huge. Just think if you can offer specific deals for patrons in the local area, simply through a mobile app! Location-based mobile marketing employs geofencing to pinpoint where the customer is. The restaurant app then sends specific deals to those customers, tailored for the franchises around them.

These deals come through push notifications that are easy to read and see. This makes customers feel valued and helps improve brand loyalty. As a result, restaurant owners can increase their sales and customer base.

2. Loyalty Programs and Points

It is impossible to overstate the importance of loyalty programs, gift cards, and loyalty points. Studies show that customers are 65% more likely to download an app if there is a loyalty program on there. You can offer discounts for every set number of visits, which encourages customers to return. Want a tip? Offer discounts on the first 5 orders, as this is shown to attract new customers.

Offering loyalty programs on a mobile app is more personal. Customers love reviewing points, seeing how they can use them, and watching those discounts come in. Or, you can offer gift cards specifically tailored towards different customers. Restaurants that offer loyalty programs or other incentives on food apps will increase sales exponentially.

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3. Higher Customer Spend

Did you know that customers tend to spend more money when they use online ordering systems and mobile apps? This is because they have more time to review options and find what they like. They aren't under any pressure to pick something. Furthermore, there are plenty of ways to optimize the menu to meet that particular customer's needs.

For example, the mobile app will remember a customer's past choices and suggest those, or suggest something similar. If a customer typically buys a coffee, the app may suggest a bagel to go along with it. Many times, customers make snap decisions that they otherwise wouldn't if they ordered in person or on the phone.

4. Acquire Feedback With Rating System

Restaurants can use a rating system to see how customers like the app and the available choices. They can then use this information to optimize the menu in the future and tailor it towards evolving needs. Furthermore, many new customers like to review these ratings when deciding whether or not to order from the restaurant.

This can be a great way to show off the benefits of the app, along with the rewards of eating at the restaurant. It is a relatively inexpensive way to market oneself and correct problem areas. This will increase customer satisfaction and help to gain new patrons.

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5. Competitive Advantage

The restaurant industry can be a tough and competitive place, particularly since COVID-19 came on the scene. Restaurants that did not prioritize online ordering or mobile apps did not survive during this time. The ones who were able to stay competitive ensured customers had a safe, reliable way to order. Many fast-food restaurants increased profits as other places lost money.

Furthermore, customers now expect digital experiences and an online ordering system. If you are the only one who doesn't offer a mobile app, who do you think customers will flock to? People like to know that you are keeping up with the trends and times. Gain a competitive advantage and increase profits with a fully optimized restaurant app.

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