The 5 Best Barcode Reader Apps for Android and iOS Users

Cynthia Vespia9/30/2021

What is barcode reader app ?

If you're a business owner, you may have heard of the barcode reader app and wondered what it is and how it can benefit your business. Barcode reader apps are really great for small businesses because they take the heavy lifting out of getting inventory and sales data.

What is a barcode scanner app?

A barcode scanner app is an application found on smartphones and used to scan barcodes on items. The barcode stores information about the product, such as the price, and generates it so the user can see what comes up. Barcode scanner apps are used for scanning items in store or online.

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Why you might need a barcode reader app?

Barcode scanners are an integral part of the retail pos system inside any store or restaurant. Employees use barcode scanners on products or packages to do inventory. Consumers scan barcodes themselves through self-checkout lines.

The scanner works by reading the digital information on the barcode and matches it to the appropriate product that was previously inventoried. This brings up the pricing and other pertinent information. In this guide the 5 best barcode reader apps for Android and iOS users will be featured.

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Barcode Reader App 1- ShopSavvy

Barcode reader apps like ShopSavvy scan the barcodes of items and let customers know of any better deals available. When the barcodes are scanned by the ShopSavvy app it shows prices from other stores. ShopSavvy is free and one of the simplest barcode scanner apps to use.

The app works by taking a picture of the barcode or entering the product name in the search bar. There is a built-in chat feature that lets users contact the development team to get help with any questions they may have.

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Barcode Reader App 2- RedLaser

The RedLaser barcode reader is an all encompassing app. Once the barcode is scanned it shows pricing, product reviews and more information. The RedLaser app is free for both Android and iOS systems. It works in grocery stories, drug stores, and discount outlets. The convenience of comparing prices and reviews on products in one app has made RedLaser a popular barcode reader.

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Barcode Reader App 3- eBay

eBay has been around for a long time. It is a go-to source to find items online at great deals. But not everyone knows that eBay has a barcode search feature. The tool is most useful to search for particular items on the site.

Here's how eBay sellers benefit from using the barcode scanner app-

1) Faster Product Search- Find items that are similar to what's being sold just by using the scanning feature on a phone.

2) Price Check- Search an item's price history and current pricing to compare the difference between sellers.

3) Inventory Management- Know an accurate count of items on hand.

Barcode Reader App 4- Amazon

Amazon has an updated version of their barcode scanning app called Amazon 4. This barcode reader app is free for download in the App Store for Apple systems or the Google Play Store on Android.

The Amazon app works like a QR code scanner on a phone. It will scan barcodes of everything from books, CDs, DVDs, CDs, electronic equipment, clothes, or other items. The price of the product is compared to Amazon's pricing. If the Amazon price is lower, it's a simple click of the "buy now" button for purchase.

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Barcode Reader App 5- Google Goggles

Google Goggles was a powerful barcode reader app that scanned barcodes within a matter of seconds. Though made by Google, the barcode scanner was available for both Android and iPhone systems.

The idea was to use the camera on the phone to scan barcodes in real-time. It was meant to compare prices, create shopping lists, and find the best deals. Although the app was officially discontinued in August of 2018, the technology showed promise for future developments.

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