The Best Tablet Cash Register Apps- Top 6 Apps To Run Your Business

Arpita Chanda10/12/2021

What is a tablet cash register ?

Tablet cash register refers to the Android tablet or iPad with a compatible mobile pos software installed in it that helps to run and manage entire business operations. The mobile POS system and tablet cash registers have simplified business processes. With the features of mobility and portability, businesses can use these tablet cash registers and accept payments on the go. Tablet cash registers with real-time reporting tools from mobile pos apps help keep track of business. It enables businesses to accept every type of payment and creates better customer relationships. With easy integration and enhanced security, the tablet cash register POS apps are proving pivotal for businesses.

Top 6 Tablet Cash Register Apps

A tablet cash register app is a mobile application that replaces traditional cash registers by accepting electronic cash. The advantages of using a tablet cash register app are many. Firstly, it saves time on manual data entry by electronically recording transactions on the spot. Secondly, multiple cashiers can function on the same tablet POS, thereby eliminating any need to worry about making changes. Thirdly, it saves paper. Finally, a register pos is cheaper than traditional cash registers.

The mobile POS cash register apps allow businesses to track inventory, manage payment methods, and process sales with a mobile device. According to various researches, 62% of retail workers claim that the mobile pos system has increased efficiency and made their job easier. Before finalizing it is necessary to consider features like customer service, compatibility, design, integrations, security, reporting, and pricing.
This article presents a list of the best tablet cash register apps for businesses to find the best one suiting their needs.

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Tablet Cash Register App 1- Square App

Square is a Mobile App that turns any tablet into an affordable point sale system for a business. Businesses can easily take payments with this app, track inventory, run reports, and more. The Square app enables businesses to connect the device directly to the phone, tablet, or laptop. This easy-to-use pos cash register app eliminates the need of cash drawer and is perfect for business owners who are looking for a cheaper, more convenient way to run their business.

Square is a fast, secure, and free credit card reader and point of sale system, and it's available for both iOS and Android devices. This mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) app when connected to a receipt printer makes it easy for anyone to take credit card payments and deliver a receipt on the spot. The Square virtual terminal turns any computer or tablet into a credit card terminal making it perfect for remote billing or taking credit card payments over the phone.

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Tablet Cash Register App 2- PayPal Here

Paypal Here is a mobile POS app that works on the Android platform along with the PayPal card reader. The fully encrypted PIN and Chip technology secure this app and card reader. Businesses using PayPal Here can execute multiple functions.

They can accept credit cards and debit cards, send invoices, and accept PayPal payments. With this app, there are no long-term contracts or any monthly fees. Businesses need to pay for the card reader and per-transaction fee. To start using, the first step is to download the app and sign up. After signing up businesses have to connect the card reader to the Android device and can start accepting payments.

However, at present, PayPal Here has been replaced by PayPal Zettle. The latest PayPal Zettle offers easy use predictable pricing and a mobile card reader. With a quick sign-up process, this app offers a seamless experience to busy business owners.

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Tablet Cash Register App 3- Shopify Point of Sale

Shopify point of sale app that aims to make the entire process of running a business more seamless. The app makes it easy to run your business on the go. It's perfect for businesses that need to process transactions on the go or for those who need to look up inventory on the fly. With customizable checkout and mobile POS, the Shopify POS system helps businesses serve customers faster and checkout anywhere in the store.

The app is currently available for Android and iOS. Businesses can sign up for the free 14-day trial and experience the app firsthand. The pricing of this app varies according to the app features that businesses want to include.

The Shopify POS cash register app helps to streamline business operations with its powerful back-office software. With advanced inventory management features, unified reporting, custom staff permissions, and free scheduling, this app enables businesses to deal with everything from the market to customers from one platform.

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Tablet Cash Register App 4- Vend

Vend is the most robust and feature-rich iPad POS system for retail management. By integrating vend with other apps turn an iPad into a powerful retail tool for managing multiple business operations from one platform. With all rights reserved, this app is reliable as its privacy policy enforces strong measures to secure every data entered into the system. The offline mode of this app is an additional benefit that helps businesses continue their process even when the internet connection is down.

Vend's easy use iPad point of sale simplifies the credit card checkout process and increases efficiency. Its quick keys feature enables businesses to put top products in places like front and center making them easy to find. It eliminates the need for a separate barcode scanner as businesses can use the iPad's camera to scan and add products to the sale. Vend pos software allows businesses to apply offers and discounts at the point of sale. Using this feature retail and small businesses can easily maximize their sales from ongoing promotions.

With its customer-facing display, loyalty program, and sales note, Vend improves business' customer relationships. This iPad POS system offers a personalized shopping experience and adds to the reputation of the business.

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Tablet Cash Register App 5- Lightspeed

Lightspeed Retail POS offers a wide variety of features for businesses to use. With this cloud-based retail mPOS, businesses can set up integrated payments and keeps data secure even when the hardware is damaged. Mobile POS system modernizes in-store experience. Store employees can access any information that customers need and checkout from anywhere in the store.

With Lightspeed POS, businesses can also add loyalty programs to retain customers and attract new ones. Businesses can track sales and inventory straight from the back office to the customer. Lightspeed restaurant pos has proven beneficial for the restaurant industry by smoothening their business operations and enhancing customer experience.

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Tablet Cash Register App 6- Scanner Pro by Readdle

Scanner Pro from Readdle is an iOS-based app for scanning receipts, books, IDs, invoices, and other documents. Businesses can use this app to scan any document or as a barcode scanner on the go. It works very fast and can provide digital copies or pdf versions of any paper.

The advanced image processing ability of Scanner Pro helps it auto-detect borders, remove shadows, correct perspective and distortions. This app gives professional look to any scanned document and allows the user to share or upload the scans anywhere. The easy use text vision feature of this app turns any scan into text for the user to edit and make necessary changes.

Businesses can also protect their scanned documents with secure passwords, touch ID or face ID. With the cloud sync facility available, documents uploaded on the cloud can be accessed from any location at any time. Scanner Pro PLUS version of the app is priced at $19.99 annually with a 7-day trial.

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Tablet Cash Register App Conclusion

Businesses are turning to technology to increase their productivity and profitability. One of the most common ways that businesses use technology is through the point sale system or POS. These retail POS systems enable businesses to create items, track inventory, and transact all the necessary financial information.

The numerous benefits of mobile POS or tablet POS cash registers have helped it become a popular choice. When a small device like an iPad can carry out all the functions efficiently, traditional pos terminals fall back. The portability and quick setup of tablet cash registers also have their own advantages.

With the ability to link multiple pos enabled devices and seamless communication, the mobile POS system speeds up the checkout process and improves employee accountability. Small businesses can start with a single centralized device and add more later as per their requirements.

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