The New Way to Accept Credit Cards- Mobile Credit Card Reader

Cynthia Vespia10/27/2021

What is mobile credit card reader ?

Mobile credit card processing is a secure way to accept credit card payments on the go. Mobile credit card readers are small, lightweight devices that can be plugged into a smartphone or tablet to process credit card transactions. The mobile credit card reader is the latest in mobile payment technology.

What is a Mobile Credit Card Reader?

A mobile credit card reader is a small device that lets businesses accept credit card payments from any location. These devices either plug into a headphone jack or work through bluetooth systems. The mobile credit card reader has become a popular tool for both small and large businesses, along with entrepreneurs.

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Why Mobile Credit Card Readers are the Newest Thing

Mobile credit card readers have changed the way businesses operate. For many years, the only payment option was to swipe credit cards at a terminal for payments. Now, more businesses are adopting the use of mobile units to process credit card payments.

Some of the benefits of using a mobile credit card reader are-
  • More secure then swiping a card
  • Easier for customer use
  • Saves money
  • Are more convenient than a credit card terminal

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How to Make the Most of Your Mobile Credit Card Reader

Many small business owners will get a credit card reader but not understand how to make it an effective tool. For instance, mobile tablet and smartphone card readers should be researched before choosing so the card reader meets all sales needs.

Some other ways to make the most of a mobile card reader include-

  • Select a vendor or processing company- When selecting a company which processes the transactions of sales, an understanding of how their hardware and software integrate with different systems is important. Specialized software may be needed such as an app for mobile use.
  • Set up a merchant account- Having a merchant account setup with the various staff having their own login measures will provide a safe environment in which purchases are completed and information is stored.
  • Purchase a smartphone or tablet- In the case of a mobile card reader, the mobility in which the system is used will come from a smartphone or tablet with that capability. Having a separate tablet or phone specifically for business use is beneficial.
  • Check your wireless connection- With any Pos Systems software the WiFi network needs to be secure and reliable. If multiple transactions are being handled during peak business hours and the WiFi can't handle it, there will be delays which can cause further problems. Good high speed WiFi is a must when using mobile card readers.
  • Consider purchasing additional tech support- No matter how much time is put into the setup there will be problems that arise with any system. Having a dedicated tech team who can fix these measures in a timely manner is important when considering how any delays can impact customer service.

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Advantages of Mobile Credit Card Readers

The Internet has created new business opportunities both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. Mobile card readers are one of the advantages that comes with that technology. Now businesses can scan credit cards from any location, and the customer can sign directly on the screen of the reader.

Some hidden benefits to a mobile credit card reader include the following-
1. Allows companies to process funds immediately through a simple swipe. The transaction posts the payment quickly and it is recorded securely.

2. The card reader is easy to use and an affordable option compared to bulkier systems that do the same type of payment processing.

3. Mobile credit card readers can help grow the customer base through flexibility of payment options. The more methods available to a customer to pay for their purchase, the more likely they will return for future sales.

4. Online records are recorded making it easier to manage the books. Professional reporting tools are free with merchant accounts from most mobile card reader devices.

Things To Know About Using a Mobile Credit Card Reader

A mobile credit card reader is convenient for processing credit cards for payment. It's very nature of travel allows users to processes sales transactions from virtually anywhere. Merchants with mobile businesses, attend trade shows, or who are just seeking convenience are all turning to mobile credit card readers.

Here are some things you need to know about using a mobile credit card reader-
  • Offers more convenience than carrying a separate device to swipe credit cards for payment.
  • Most mobile credit card readers available today will accept credit cards on both iPhone and Android phones.
  • Not only can mobile credit card readers be used in person but also remotely.
  • Some mobile credit card readers charge a percentage of the sales transaction while others charge a flat rate.

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Who Needs A Mobile Credit Card Reader?

Considering if you need a mobile credit card reader? Most businesses will ask themselves this question when formulating payment options. But any shop, restaurant, or entrepreneur who wants to accept credit cards should consider including a mobile card reader.

Having mobile credit card readers is often as simple as employing software on a smartphone or tablet to create a secure credit card terminal. From there, you can swipe cards, accept magstripe cards or chip cards. The ability to send invoices, receipts, and track purchases in real time are all more reasons why a business should consider having a mobile credit card reader.

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The Bottom Line for Mobile Credit Card Readers

Mobile credit card readers have such versatility and so many benefits they can be an important investment for any business. Some things need to be considered before purchasing a new credit card reader. Understanding the needs of the business will help when sorting out the different options of a mobile card reader.

From cost to features there are many things to explore. Take time to research the best option that is right for your needs. In the long run, a mobile credit card reader can increase the customer experience which leads to more sales and generates more profit.

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